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At Briggs Plumbing and Heating, no job is too small or too big and honesty and dependability is what we strive for.
We offer the following wide range of plumbing services to best suit your requirements.

Water Conditioning and Filtration

Nowadays safe drinking water is essential to humans.  Approximately 70% of fresh water is used for human consumption.  We can help by providing equipment that softens,  filters and sterilizes water to be made ready for drinking.

With the assistance of Erie water filters we can provide that clean water for you by removing:

  • Calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate( hardness)
  •  Iron, sulfur (rotten egg odor)
  • Tannins (yellow color)
  • Turbidity (sand or particles in the water)
  • Bacteria (coliform, E coli)
  • All other minerals (lead, nitrates)

By accurately testing your water we can determine what type of equipment will best suit your needs.