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At Briggs Plumbing and Heating, no job is too small or too big and honesty and dependability is what we strive for.
We offer the following wide range of plumbing services to best suit your requirements.

Plumbing Installations and Backflow Prevention

At Briggs we are dedicated to work with you to provide a neat and code compliant job at a competitive price.Whether the job is a small plumbing renovation or plumbing a new home our employees are fully qualified to assist you with the task at hand as well as treating the job as their own.

We also provide certified backflow device testing. As stated by the Backflow prevention Bylaw 2007-0132 a backflow device is required on any municipal water supply to protect against possible contamination from a cross connection.

A cross connectiton is a potential connection from the town’s potable water supply to a sorce of pollution in which can contaminate the water supply and cause it to be non- potable. Water bourne hazards may include communicable diseases, chemical hazards and physical hazards.

To protect against these hazards a backflow preventer device is used and is required to be tested and taged annualy.